VI Annual LANGSA Conference at UCONN

Join the Languages Graduate Student Association for their 6th annual conference on November 13th 2014! You can find more information and the schedule at

The conference is titled “At the Crossroads: Mapping Dichotomies in Literatures, Cultures, and Languages” and “seeks to investigate space as a broad category, from the physical to the abstract, as a locale where different realities merge, co-exist or collide.”

Special Note for presenters:

We at The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal are interested in publishing selected essays from the conference. We plan to have a special issue which features writing from this year’s LANGSA presenters. If you are interested in submitting your work, we highly encourage you to do so. To submit, please click the “Submissions” tab in the menu above and follow directions. The submission deadline is November 29, 2015. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards from the TQC Editorial Board