Who We Are

Editorial Board 

Crisóstomo, Vialcary 

Vialcary Crisóstomo Tejada received a BA and MA from New York University in Latin American and Spanish literature and culture. She is now a PhD candidate in Caribbean and Latino literature at the University of Connecticut. Her research focuses on Dominican feminine literature of the twentieth and twenty-first century and on concepts of race, gender and sexuality in the post-Trujillista Dominican Republic.

Dutta Roy, Arnab

Arnab Roy is a PhD candidate at the Literatures, Cultures and Languages department of University of Connecticut. His research interests include Postcolonial Studies, India Studies, Human Rights, Theories of Universals, Narrative and Cognition. Currently, he is writing his dissertation, titled Ethical and Empathic Universals in the Study of Indian Literary Traditions. His article “Deconstructing Universalism: Tagore’s Vision of Humanity” has been most recently published by the South Asian Review.

Gardeazabal Bravo, Carlos

Carlos Gardeazabal Bravo is a PhD candidate in Spanish studies at the University of Connecticut, where he is writing a dissertation on human rights and the politics of empathy in 21st century Latin American literature. His research interests include Latin American contemporary literature, critical theory, theory of affects, human rights and ecocriticism. He has published the papers “Niebla de Unamuno más allá de Kierkegaard. Amor y polifonía como superación del naturalismo” in Folios and “Una re-lectura de la violencia en Los papeles del infierno de Enrique Buenaventura” in Teatro. Revista de estudios culturales. His paper “Derechos humanos y corporeidad en Los ejércitos de Evelio Rosero” was recently accepted in Chasqui. During the fall of 2015 he was the resident director of UCONN’s study abroad program in Granada. In his free time Carlos enjoys DJing in his radio show “Radio ciudad perdida” at WHUS.

LeBel, Charles

Charles LeBel is a PhD candidate studying questions of cognition and complexity in recent Latin American narrative at the University of Connecticut’s Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages. He is a founding Editor of The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal and instructor of literature and Spanish Language at the University of Connecticut and Trinity College (Hartford, CT). His research on epistemology and narrative has been published in the journals Border-Lines and alter/nativas.

Puleo, Simone

Simone Puleo is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Connecticut. His dissertation focuses on 19th century travel accounts of Italy, and it primarily explores how American writers engaged political discourses associated with the Risorgimento, the Italian unification movement. His broader interests include the long 19th century, American literature and culture, Italian literature and culture, travel writing, studies in nationalism and transnationalism, comparative and interdisciplinary approaches.