Vol. 1, Iss. 2


Christopher Kean – Falling though Space… Portrait of a Poet from a Bird’s Eye View – PDF 

Stephen A. Cruikshank – Poetic Illiteracy and Cultural Insularity: The Crisis of Cultural Nationalism in Virgilio Piñera’s La Isla en Peso – PDF

Susana Aho – The Colonial Remix: Power and Language in Colonial and Digital Spaces – PDF

Sara Ross – Causing A Racket: Unpacking The Elements Of Cultural Capital In An Assessment Of Urban Noise Control, Live Music, And The Quiet Enjoyment Of Private Property – PDF


Amara Lakhous, Simone M. Puleo, Fabiana Viglione – Lingua di carta, lingua di carne: A Translated Interview with Amara Lakhous – PDF


Alfonsina C. Crisostomo-Isaacs – Letal Enemigo – PDF

Dennis Marcial – Jamais Vu – PDF

Matthew Ryan Shelton – Mimus Polyglottos – PDF